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How to recover from WannyCry ransomware attack

Posted by Zillay Batool on

Businesses around the world were anxious today as almost 200,000 computers in 150 countries became victim of latest cyber-attack. So what is this Ransomware?

it is a piece of software that locks files on a computer and demand payment to unlock them. The latest one which affected computers globally is known as WannaCry and its spread was unprecedented.

Mainly computers running Windows XP operating system were affected due to a security flaw and Microsoft shortly released a fix for it.

Protection from Ransomware:

Protecting your system from cyber attack is not very difficult. The following simple steps will significantly reduce the risk of being attacked:

For Individuals:

Keep anti- virus and all software up to date

Have successful backups of your data

Ensure link and files contained in emails are from known sources.

Use trusted sources for downloading software

For Businesses:

Update your system with the latest Microsoft security patches for this particular flaw

Have your data backed up

Have anti- virus up to date and scan all outgoing and incoming emails for malicious attachments

Keep your employees informed and advise them to identify scams, malicious links, and emails that may contain viruses

How to recover from the attack

Ensure that your computer is disconnected from the network to avoid as soon as you recognize the infection. Do not pay the ransom demanded by the WannaCry ransomware.

Restore your data from back-ups. There is no guarantee that if you pay ransom, hackers will unlock your data.

Inform law enforcement and provide as much information as possible

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