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Nintendo's Switch Lite puts the company's console lines at a crossroads
The company improved its hit-and-miss home console record with the Switch while the Switch Lite is heir to its portable device legacy. With those products covering the range of console gaming settings, Nintendo will have to push something aside as it considers future consoles.

eBay beats Q2 estimates as it explores value of StubHub
eBay said that it's 'actively reviewing the role and value of StubHub and Classifieds' in its portfolio.

IBM Q2 top expectations, but company says it'll outline Red Hat strategy Aug. 2
If you were looking for color on IBM's purchase of Red Hat you'll just have to wait. For the second quarter, IBM topped bottom line expectations with sales down 4.2%.

Trump's trade war with China is leaving tech with a growing tab, trade group warns
Tariffs on imported Chinese products cost the US tech industry $1.3 billion in May 2019 alone, according to data from the Consumer Technology Association -- and the cost is expected to grow.

São Paulo subway to deploy surveillance system with facial recognition
The company has launched a tendering process to replace its current set up with a new platform with advanced features and high-definition cameras.

Apple releases fourth developer preview of iOS 13, iPadOS
It's time to update your Apple devices if you're in the developer program.

Singapore government systems still weak in IT controls
Auditor-General Office finds weaknesses in IT controls of several government entities including the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance, where third-party access rights were lax and the logging and review activities of privileged users inadequate, and notes similar lapses in previous years, indicating a need for further improvement.

Microsoft's latest holoportation demo shows off its mixed reality, AI, translation technologies
Microsoft continues to plug away at making holoportation possible and is showing off how it might work using currently available Microsoft services and technologies.

Tech news roundup: Amazon Prime Day and the highest-rated workplaces of 2019
This week's TechRepublic and ZDNet stories include a breach of Sprint customers' data, notes from the Duo Security 2019 access report, and how execs are taking charge of digital transformation plans.

To the Moon: Grumman, the company that built Apollo 11's Lunar Module
Our fourth and final installment in our series is about Grumman, the company which built the Lunar Module (LEM) which made the historic manned landing on the Moon's surface on July 20, 1969.

To the Moon: IBM and Univac, Apollo 11's integrators
Our second installment in our series is about IBM and UNIVAC, the two primary computer systems integrators for the Apollo missions.

To the Moon: Rocketdyne, the company that gave Apollo 11 liftoff
Our third installment in our series is about Rocketdyne, the company which built and designed the mighty rocket engines for the Saturn V.

To the Moon: Boeing, the builder of the mighty Saturn V Apollo rocket
Our first profile in our series about the Apollo program is Boeing Integrated Defense Systems.

To the Moon: 50 years after Apollo 11, is SpaceX the new NASA?
A new generation of manned missions to the moon by NASA is not a certainty, but many of the parts are being put into place to make it possible.

50 years after Apollo 11: What really rocketed us to the moon
While many of the proud Americans who were involved in the Apollo project are no longer with us 50 years later, the technologies they built live on, will be further refined, and will return us to that lonely world and beyond.

Dropbox announces new integrations with audio, video and transcription tools
Dropbox said today's slate of integrations are focused on its media clients, noting that the media professionals are among the most active Dropbox users in the world.

Singapore hopes to groom data protection officers with training framework
Government agency responsible for data protection legislation has released a competency framework and skills roadmap detailing skillsets data protection officers need, and expects more than 500 such professionals to benefit from a year-long pilot training programme.

Amazon touts record Prime Day 2019 sales, device sales and provides boost for e-commerce overall
Amazon's 48 hour Prime Day sale drove the company's biggest day of new Prime sign-ups. Meanwhile, Adobe Analytics found Prime Day boosted retail sales overall.

iOS 13's killer feature will make your battery last longer... but there are downsides
Do you want your battery to be charged to 100 percent as fast as possible, or do you want your last longer before it needs to be replaced? You decide!

Malware framework creates one billion fake Google Adsense ad impressions in only a few months
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Yandex are all targets.