Lenovo ThinkPad X, T, P Series. What is the difference?

Lenovo ThinkPad Product Line:

Business professionals look for high quality, reliability and portability. They are willing to pay a higher price for these features. Lenovo ThinkPad has been regarded as a better choice due to its ergonomic, durability and reliability advantage.  

The ThinkPad product line is divided into six series, the top tier T/X/P line, and the A/E/L/ series:

  • ThinkPad T Series– This has earned the reputation of professional’s favorites for being a durable and efficient laptops. This is the flagship line that offers the best balance between ruggedness, features, processing power, and portability in a 14 or 15 inch unit. For example T580 has a battery life of up to 27 hours and T460 are available in three processors, up to 20 GB ram and offers choice of disk drives.
  • ThinkPad X Series– These are ultraportable business laptops. . X1 Carbon are super slim while X1 Extreme are more suitable for gaming with ultimate computing power and 4K touchscreen Dolby Vision. 
  • ThinkPad P Series– Replacing the W line, the P series are mobile workstations with more power and lsightly higher cost.  They are available  in 14, 15, and 17in formats, i7 and Xeon processors and 64 GB ram. P52 is first VR-ready certified workstation.
  • ThinkPad L Series– These are mid range Thinkpads, in terms of build quality and range in size from 13in to 15in.  they are above the E series but not as good as the flagship T/X/P series.
  • ThinkPad E Series– Entry Level ThinkPads for SOHO businesses. These are available in a 15.6 inch form factor. They are more cost-oriented and are a step down in terms of build quality.
  • ThinkPad A Series– Freshly announced ThnkPad laptops featuring exclusively AMD CPUs rather than Intel’s..

To summarise, there are six series here of ThinkPad to choose from:

  • X Series
    • X1 Extreme
    • X1 Carbon (Gen 6)
    • X280
    • X380 Yoga
    • X1 Yoga (Gen 3)
    • X1 Carbon (Gen 5)
    • X1 Yoga (Gen 2)
  • T Series
    • T480
    • T480s
    • T580
    • T470
  • P Series
    • P1
    • P72
    • P52
    • P52s
  • A Series
    • A485
    • A285
  • E Series
    • E490
    • E490s
    • E590
    • E485
    • E585
    • E480
    • E580
  • L Series
    • L390 Yoga
    • L390
    • L380 Yoga
    • L380
    • L480